Maritime personal injury

Jahani Law, P.C handles a variety of maritime personal injury cases in which poor design or inadequate maintenance of a ship or pleasure craft is alleged. Attorney Masoud Jahani has worked on ocean-going vessels for about 20 years as officer and Captain and is well familiar with shipping practice. Mr. Jahani has also over 10 years’ experience in Canada inspecting and certifying large and small vessels, including Cruise ships, Bulk carriers, Tankers, fishing vessels, small vessels. With the vast experience at sea and on key positions ashore, he will bring an extensive insight from both the mariners and the shipping company’s perspective to help clients achieve best possible remedy in their personal injuries.

Licensing and Regulatory Issues

The experienced Master Mariner Masoud Jahani, Esq. has been regularly handling licensing and regulatory issues from the enforcement perspective for over 10 years.

Our Attorney’s more than 20 years of experience in maritime and shipping transportation has featured participation in a number of challenging cases in investigating major marine pollution, casualty, and preparation for prosecution, Attorney Masoud Jahani was registered with the California State Bar in June 2017, however no doubt the years of maritime education and experience will help protect the interest of clients.

Maritime Labor Disputes, Including Disputes Involving Port Authorities.

When personal injury on a vessel, or cargo damage, or collision, or accident of any type at sea or in an inland facility becomes important legal issue for your business. You need to turn to an Attorney who preferably has the hands-on sea going experience to better understand and apply the facts of your case to the law.

Representing Transportation Entities Before U.S. Authorities

Mr. Jahani has extensive Maritime education and experience that can help provide quality legal representation to transportation companies before U.S. Authorities. Related practice areas include: Issues before the U.S. Customs Service, U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Maritime Commission, and other federal, state and local public agencies, Disputes involving port authorities, International trade and business law, and Maritime transportation.