What does shipping law involve?

At Jahani Law P.C we practice both dry and wet shipping.

Typical ‘wet’ disputes that arise are accidents, collisions, loss or destruction of freight at sea, piracy, explosions or capture by hostile groups, salvage operations and transgressing into the territorial waters of other countries without approval or prior notice.
‘Dry’ shipping disputes can be contractual breaches, infringement of ownership rights, manufacturing defects, insurance and reinsurance matters, portage, commissioning and decommissioning of vessels.

What makes a good shipping lawyer?

While practicing shipping law involves mastery of both contracts and torts, however having some industry-specific and technical knowledge is of great advantage.
At Jahani Law P.C, we can get to the heart of the matter because Attorney Masoud Jahani is also a Master Mariner with about 10 years command experience on Ocean going vessels and an in-depth understanding of the industry he is dealing with. Therefore he can apply the legal principals to facts more effectively.
This field requires both a disciplined approach and field experience, and Attorney Masoud Jahani worked on Ocean going vessels from cadetship in England to having sailed on various officers rank and about 10 years as Captain of tankers ranging from about 25000 to 300,000 tons Dead Weight (DWT). We have meticulous attention to details, and cogent and creative thought processes to help our clients whether they are a plaintiff or defendant.