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Why Hire Us to Help with Your Visa Application?

Canada and USA is rich with opportunity for budding businesses, and use your skills or trades, and it can be a great place for you to realize your potential. The Canadian and US markets are thriving, thanks in large part to foreign businesses, and expertise, and you too can count yourself among them, but only through the proper immigration channels. We have helped many skilled worker or business owners and investors successfully immigrate to Canada. Our experienced team will be able to assess your case and recommend a course of action to best serve your needs.

At Jahani Law

We strive to help our clients every step of the way. Founder attorney Masoud Jahani practices immigration law and Maritime Law in the USA. He is a member in good standing of the California State Bar.
Masoud Jahani also practices immigration law in Canada as a Regulated Immigration Consultant, he is registered with the regulating body ICCRC.
Attorney Jahani holds a Juris Doctor from the USA, Bachelor of Law Degree from the United Kingdom, Master Mariner from the United Kingdom and Canada.
Attorney Jahani comes from a seafaring background with extensive experience as both Officer and Captain of merchant navy vessels.