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Civil Litigation

  • Civil Litigation

    Civil Litigation

    Your Trusted Advocates in Civil Litigation:  Maritime, Contract, Tort, and Employment Cases. Handled with Expertise and Care

    At Jahani Law we focus on the following areas of Civil litigation;

    1. Maritime Law: Jahani Law has a team well-versed in maritime law, handling cases related to collisions at sea, injuries, boating accidents, and pollution claims.

    2. Contract Law: The experienced team at Jahani Law is skilled at resolving disputes arising from breach of contract, contract interpretation, or failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

    3. Tort Law: Jahani Law handles cases involving personal injuries, negligence claims, and other civil wrongs, providing effective legal representation to seek compensation for damages caused by the wrongful actions of others.

    4. Employment Law: Jahani Law addresses workplace disputes such as wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or violations of labor laws. Their team advocates for the rights of employees and provides assistance in navigating the legal complexities of employment-related cases.

    Jahani Law is dedicated to providing effective and personalized legal services in various areas of civil litigation. Their experienced team is committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of their specific cases and achieve favorable outcomes.